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24 September 2016 @ 09:42 pm
Is there anyone out there?  
Hello Livejournal, it's been a while.

I'm nearly thirty years old, diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, eating disordered, and probably a few more I've forgotten over the years.

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I'm unemployed, isolated, struggling to recieve treatment. So I guess I'm looking for friends!

Keen to connect with people who have any similar issues, or are perhaps Australian based (mostly to discuss and swap notes on treatment, as it's very different over here than say, in USA). Or maybe people around my age (browsing journals I always feel very old, as it seems to be mostly teenagers out there... And I only really understand half of the words they use...)

Also, are there any good Borderline / eating disorder communities anyone could recommend? My old BPD groups seem to be very quiet these days...

Thanks everyone!