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a friending community for people with mental illness.


This community is for people who suffer from mental illness to find other non judgemental, like minded people - who have had similar feelings and experiences.

This community was created to be a safe place to make new friendships with people who can understand and relate.

Please read the following community rules before joining:

1. NO flaming, trolling, fighting, insulting or abuse.
ie, harassing other members or posting material just to be offensive.

Discrimination will not be tolerated.
Breaking this rule will result in immediate banning.
Be open-minded. Do not lecture, harass, or patronize other members.

2. No 'off-topic' posts.
This is an add me community. All posts should be about finding other people to friend.
This is not a discussion forum or venting community for mental illnesses.

3. Put large images under an lj-cut tag. 'Triggering' content should not be posted.
ie, posts about harming oneself or advice on how to self-injure, this includes images.
We do not promote or encourage suicide/self-harm.

4. Do not post personal information such as address or phone number.

5. No suicide threats.
If somebody posts feeling suicidal and you respond with offers to help the person end their life, you will be banned.
Again, we do not promote or encourage suicide/self-harm.

6. You are permitted to promote other communities if it's mental health related.

7. Please refrain from posting or using offensive content.
ie, violence against other individuals, ethnicity, orientation of any kind, and pornographic images. If there is a post that is offensive - contact the maintainers.

Legal Disclaimer:

This community and it's maintainers are not responsible/liable for any advice
given out or recommendations dispensed by other members.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the
maintainers: addme_sane@live.com.au

Please be polite and supportive. This should be a community where everyone feels safe to open up and share things that they may not be able to express anywhere else.

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